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On-Demand Car Care

Fixed Pricing, AI Inspections, Online Service History

Inspection Service
Duration 60 minutes
Buying a vehicle? Need an inspection, but don’t know where to start? Inspection has removed all the guessing by standardizing the inspection process using AI and the latest available data, so nothing is missed. You get a thorough and reliable service covering mechanical, body, frame, and interior components without conflicting results from different technicians. No more lemons!
Oil Change
Duration 30 minutes
Oil service is the most important preventive maintenance you can do to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. Over time, engine oil breaks down and collects dirt, reducing its effectiveness in keeping the engine cool and running smoothly. If your engine loses enough oil or if the oil becomes excessively dirty, the parts in your engine can suffer serious damage, resulting in extensive and expensive repairs. Every Driveroo oil change comes with a comprehensive AI-driven vehicle inspection to help keep you on the road safely.
Seller Self Inspection
Duration 15 minutes
Seller Self Inspection can guide even the first-time seller through a vehicle inspection. Using AI, our step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, giving your buyers the most comprehensive report of your vehicle’s condition and justification of price. Use the FREE Seller Self Inspection to sell with confidence.
Tire repair
Duration 30 minutes
If you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle tires: don't wait. If your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light is on, your tire is looking flat, you've hit something on the road, or something just doesn't feel right, bring it in to avoid additional and more costly damage. The solutions may range from a simple patch, a TPMS sensor reset, or a new tire. Driveroo will help take care of your vehicle tire repairs.
A/C Evaluation
Duration 30 minutes
A/C not working? Warm weather right around the corner? When so many things can go wrong with a system, a thorough evaluation will provide the insights you need to get it up and running again. A/C System Evaluation includes an in-depth assessment of your air conditioner’s components complete with recommendations to fix them. All A/C repair and services are handled by technicians that have completed EPA-approved training. Trust Driveroo to evaluate your air conditioning system and provide a best in class solution to keep you cool.
Smog Check
Duration 20 minutes
Need a smog check? Not sure where to go, or don’t have time to wait? Driveroo will find you the closest available smog test center. Get in and out quickly, and get on with your day.
Tire rotation
Duration 20 minutes
Rotating tires may sound absurd, but tire rotations at your vehicle’s suggested intervals allow the tires to wear more evenly. Tire rotation maintains better tread depth and traction, helping your tires hug the road better, especially in bad weather, and keeping you driving longer. Driveroo technicians follow tire and vehicle manufacturer recommendations, extending the life of your tires.
Wheel Alignment
Duration 45 minutes
Did you just get new tires? Is your steering wheel off center? Does your car pull to the left or right when you are trying to go straight? Sometimes it’s not even noticeable, and just regular driving can impact alignment. Get regular alignment check-ups to extend the life of your tires, handle the road like a pro, and get optimal performance that your vehicle is built for.
Wiper Blades
Duration 15 minutes
Streaky windshield obscuring your view? Wiper blades should be changed once a year. Get a wiper blade inspection that includes everything from the blade to the fluid.
Battery Test
Duration 15 minutes
Don’t get stranded with a bad battery. Is the battery over 5 years old? Does it crank slowly? Batteries have a tendency to fail during extreme temperature conditions. Get a battery inspection for $0.99. At this price you can’t afford not to.
Brake Inspection
Duration 20 minutes
Your safety is a priority. This includes stopping your vehicle in the case of an emergency. Let Driveroo give you peace of mind with a Brake inspection. During the brake inspection, we will check every part of the brake system: the master cylinder, the pads, and everything in between.
Check Engine Light
Duration 15 minutes
Is your check engine light on? The light is a basic indicator that can range from something as simple as an open gas cap to a serious engine failure. Know what’s going on before it’s too late. Get a Driveroo “Check Light“ code read. Additional diagnostics may be required to uncover the root cause.

Driveroo technology works for you

Driveroo is the only car maintenance and repair app that combines a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine with the first Mobile On-Demand service instantly connecting Consumers with local certified Technicians. Driveroo technicians perform tailored inspections specifically for your vehicle, and you get an estimate of any necessary repair costs. In addition,  with every Driveroo On-Demand service, Driveroo updates your car’s online Driveroo Journal, effortlessly tracking all maintenance history.

  • Driveroo is a Mobile-first experience delivered via the Cloud.
  • Driveroo is an Instant On-Demand platform matching cars with the best available technician. Scheduling is so 2000’s, who has time for that?
  • Driveroo is Smart with proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI). Driveroo AI learns with every service and predicts a problem before it arises. No way? Way!
  • Driveroo is an innovative Technology company with a tiny army of data geeks (ok, ok scientists). Driveroo geeks have integrated first and third party data sources that translate data into predictions.
  • Driveroo is Easy to use, the inspections are guided, specific to your car.
  • Driveroo is 100% Digital, no need for paper.
  • Driveroo Translates data into actionable results. The scoring engine understands the unique parameters of your car and makes it easy to understand condition and costs of repairs.
  • Driveroo is Turbo-Charged with rich graphical data input interfaces (that’s geek talk for pictures) allowing for faster and more precise services.
  • Driveroo provides a free Journal timeline for all cars. It’s like a Facebook for your car.
  • Driveroo Collects and Pays, Driveroo payments are processed by the latest PCI compliant payment processing and payment security technology.
  • Driveroo Protects your private, personal information.
  • Driveroo Integrates into your business. APIs are available.

I found a car that I loved, could actually afford, but didn’t know which questions to ask to make sure it was a good deal. I had a Driveroo Pre-Purchase Inspection done while out for a test drive and used the report to negotiate an even better price. Now I know that I got a great deal and what to expect down the road!

Maureen, bought her car with a Driveroo Pre-Purchase Inspection

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