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The Driveroo Solution

Driveroo modernizes school bus fleet management systems by moving to the digital space.
Mobile inspections, fleet tracking, and a synchronized dashboard are only a few of the revolutionary features Driveroo brings to the table.

Driveroo School Bus Fleet Management Software ensures school buses operate cost effectively and efficiently. We understand the dependencies of school bus fleets on efficient processes, so we offer a 100% digital solution that makes safety and compliance seamless. Intuitive interface helps drivers master Driveroo fleet app in seconds, artificial intelligence (AI) helps maintain vehicles in top-notch condition, and convenient dashboard makes management smart.

Driveroo school bus fleet software makes passenger transportation hassle-free and daily operations a breeze!


Inspection is at the heart of healthy school bus fleet. Inspecting your buses means identifying areas of repair and transporting students safely. A quick and easy daily inspection process means compliance, less downtime, and avoided repairs. Drivers use their phones to inspect their vehicles and are guided through the process.

Driveroo makes daily pre/post-trip inspections (eDVIRs) easy with visual Turbographics™ technology: drivers simply tap on the area of the vehicle to inspect. Inspections are powered by AI to inspect weak points and future areas of repair. In the case of an accident or collision, drivers use the mobile app to submit an accident report and complete an inspection. All inspection reports sync automatically and are uploaded to the fleet dashboard.

  • Eliminate paper
  • Fast, simple, easy with Turbographics™
  • AI Prediction
  • Syncs and uploads to dashboard

Keep Children Safe

All experienced school bus drivers know that the condition of the vehicles they drive plays a critical role in their ability to safely get their little passengers to their destinations. Driveroo makes it exceptionally easy to standardize all daily procedures. The Driveroo app empowers drivers with intuitive graphics to illustrate the workflow, breaking the language barrier and making daily trips seamless.

We also offer custom solutions for pupil tracking: scan provided Student ID cards (either full card or sticker on existing IDs) using the NFC reader on your device to keep track of bus occupants.

  • Maintain safety for children
  • Ensure procedures are followed
  • Minimize the chance of a human error

Manage and Maintain

Driveroo school bus fleet management software make managing your fleet easy and painless. The dashboard is 100% mobile: inspection reports, driver location, and business metrics are all available to view in the fleet dashboard from anywhere, 24/7. Inspections reports which identify needed repairs appear on the dashboard.

Conduct in-house repairs, choose a preferred shop, or connect with a certified repair facility in the Driveroo repair network to decrease downtime and maximize output. Driveroo provides instant repair approval: if needed, approve individual repairs as necessary to the vehicle’s condition, and service will start automatically. All Driveroo repairs are powered by AI technology to predict future repairs and prevent unneeded costs.

Keep track of maintenance, manage your assets, and control your fleet all from the web dashboard.

  • Instantly receive reports
  • Track accidents and delays
  • Organize maintenance
  • One-stop gateway to school bus fleet management


Driveroo school bus fleet software is 100% custom for each fleet. Depending on your DOT form and standards, we will generate custom inspections and dashboards to meet your needs. Simply send us a copy of your DOT form, and we will create a Demo inspection report. Ensure proper compliance with Driveroo.

  • Ensure compliance
  • Custom reports and inspections
  • Meet your specific needs

Driveroo extends beyond fleet management, providing a flexible digital platform which focuses on fleet-specific organization and needs.

Modernize your school bus fleet with Driveroo. With mobile inspections, bus fleet tracking, asset management through the web dashboard, and customized inspections, Driveroo school bus fleet management software ensures the most compliance, the safest transportation, and the greatest efficiency.

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