Driveroo Fleet Management Software

Building Digital Fleet Workflows the Right Way

Turn any paper form into a fast, mistake-free automated process to boost operations and cut costs.


Don't rely on their generic fleet management software, and hard to use digital paper. Driveroo customizes exact visual representations of your vehicles, and tailors every workflow to fit your unique process with as many or as few steps, pictures, comments, videos, data entries that you need. It’s the easiest way to get the exact solution for your fleet.

Your Digital Advantage

Empower your operators

Speed up simple or complex processes with intuitive digital inspections and workflow. With Driveroo, employees can be guided right on the spot as they work thanks to the platform’s ability to provide digital instructions and tasks.

Get an exact fit

Driveroo recognizes that all businesses are unique by offering a highly customizable process that can be tailored to match any routine perfectly. Asset-specific interfaces for faster inspections. Custom alerts to support maintenance efforts, and automated work order generation is as simple as clicking a button.

Drive action, not just collect data

Driveroo empowers fleet managers to remotely track the status and location of the entire fleet in real-time. Collected data can be turned into detailed reports to support decision-making and drive action. Data can also be used to automatically trigger alerts and notifications to remind employees to complete important tasks.

Lead The Pack, Go Mobile

Easy visual mobile
Turbo Graphics Inspections. Mobile-native data capture - image, voice, video. Scan to start, Single tap complete on all pass.
On the spot
Preload inspection history. Past issues already marked. Prior comments, images, videos.
empowered operators
Guided process with embedded instruction. Standardize data collection, ensure accuracy. Easy access to history and prior issues.
Capture critical
operational data
Collect specified data. Capture signoffs. Feed Dashboards and integrations to systems.
digital workflows
Customize to your exact process. Drive process steps based on actions or collected data. Task creation during the process for self or others.
with work orders
Create from reported issues and failed inspections. Track work completed and parts used. Understand detailed cost of service.

Driveroo Fleet Features

eDVIR: Verified Inspections

Streamline the vehicle inspection process and ensure legal compliance. The intelligent mobile app empowers drivers to complete inspections without the paperwork – all in a few quick and easy steps.

Scheduled Maintenance

Design preventative maintenance schedules based on vehicle mileage or vehicle inspection data. Set up custom vehicle maintenance reminders for managers, drivers and everyone in your team.

Work Order Tracking

Assign maintenance tasks and track the progress of work orders. Share work-order completion data, repair costs, and more. Automate routine maintenance processes for maximum efficiency.

Proactive Driver Management

Empower your drivers and operators with a powerful, visual mobile app that’s easy to adopt and simple to use. Zip through reports, and put everything they need on their smartphone. Receive notifications of missed or incomplete tasks.


View the real-time location of your vehicles. Get alerts when drivers stray outside designated zones, or when vehicles leave a specified location without a completed vehicle inspection.

Document Management

Ensure that all licensing and registration documentation stays up-to-date. Securely store and manage any records online, and assign individual access rights to drivers, managers and other members of your team.

Asset Assignment

Assign vehicles or equipment to your team members and manage assignments in real time. Search by operator or by asset to access scheduled assignments. Quickly add, edit or move assignments and send automatic notifications to drivers and operators.

Safety and Incident Reporting

Quickly guide your operators through every step of important checks and reports. Driveroo Fleet is easy to adapt to your specific needs to make sure all checks are complete and all the necessary information is captured for reporting purposes.

Custom Fleet Dashboards

Analyze data and design easy-to-read custom reports to gain a deeper insight into your business operations. Make decisions driven by reliable data collection and thorough analysis of cost and efficiency.

Why Driveroo

Loved by Drivers
and Operators

Designed for zero training, easy use with fully visual workflows, tap and go inputs, voice commands and online or offline operation.

Smart Automation
and BOTS

Boost skills and productivity with personalized instructions, workflows and BOTS that actively assist workers while processing and routing data.


Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business without the need for IT. Use your time to run the business, not learn the software.

Customers Say

Driveroo created a customized driver-focused app that perfectly met our specific needs. As a result, we've got a mobile driver workflow solution that delivers an intuitive user experience for our drivers.
Amazon DSP
We have managed to organize the process with less time wasted that converted into an overall increase in our efficiency.
We have been using Driveroo in our shop for a couple of weeks now and as the service writer actually seeing the inspection with pictures and then being able to send them over to my customers has been amazing! Seeing things helps me be more confident in what I am selling. And our customers absolutely love being able to see what’s going on and makes it a much more transparent process!
Service Advisor
At my company, our mission is to continue to provide the absolute best in remembrance services. To do so, it’s critical that we maintain a quality fleet, prior to Driveroo we could only be reactive, now we have the transparency required to maintain our Fleets in their best possible condition.
Every time my business grew the overhead of maintaining my fleet went up exponentially. I would not have been able to double my business this year without implementing Driveroo.
Amazon Last Mile Fleet Company
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