Enhance Government Asset Management

Better Safety, Compliance and Lower Maintenance Costs with Driveroo

The Easiest Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

Paper forms are slowing down your operations, encouraging operators to pencil-whip inspections, limiting visibility to critical data and increasing equipment downtime and maintenance costs. Replace paper with a modern digital platform that boosts compliance, and makes your frontline operators more efficient and accurate. Ensure passenger and operator safety is improved and safety procedures are easily tracked and monitored.

Better Safety and Visibility

Ensure faster, easier safety inspections while increasing compliance. Instant visibility to issues and incident reports keeps you on top of fleet operations at all times.

Improve Uptime and Lower Costs

Automate preventive maintenance. Respond instantly to issues and ensure first-time fixes with detailed images and videos of problems. Track service types and repair costs for better insights into spend and asset operation.

Reduce Paperwork and Manual Effort

Automate data collection for inspections and work processes, and capture parts and labor costs for asset repair and maintenance. Eliminate paper and time-consuming manual administration of forms, checklists and reports for compliance and reporting.

Inspect Assets with Ease

The breakthrough visual interface simplifies inspections and ensures consistent, high quality data through in-app guidance. Memory of prior issues speeds up pre-trip and post-trip checks. Automated data capture with images and videos and a digital audit trail means no more forms to file and no more lost paperwork.

Drive Efficiency and
Standards for Critical Work

Leverage on-the-spot guidance and automated data collection to boost productivity and accuracy for facility inspections, site safety checks and equipment maintenance for the entire operation.

Custom tailor workflows to match your exact facilities, equipment and assets and leverage in-app tasks and reminders to ensure the job gets done right every time.

Automate Maintenance & Repairs

Stay on top of preventive maintenance with a complete maintenance module that enables the creation of asset-specific services and automatically schedules maintenance by date, mileage or hours of operation.

Automatically convert inspection defects into work orders, or review and triage needed repairs and assign to individuals, teams or outside service organizations.

Comprehensive Asset
Tracking and Reporting

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tracking and reporting. Get alerts of issues, and quickly see all data and activity with easy custom reporting capabilities for each asset. Track asset statuses, availability and service costs including parts and labor. Access auditable histories of inspections and work orders online.

Why Driveroo

by Operators

Crafted for effortless implementation, user-friendly with completely visual workflows, simple tap-and-go inputs, and voice commands.

Automation and BOTS

Enhance proficiency and efficiency with tailored guidance, input-driven workflows, and interactive BOTS that actively support workers.

Concierge Service

Obtain a fully tailored solution tuned to your fleet operations and motor pool without requiring IT involvement. Use your time to improve operations, not learn the software.

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