Fast and Efficient DVIR Software

Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports

Streamline inspections with a unique,
fully visual, digital inspection process that's easily tailored to fit your fleet

Manage my Inspections

Simplicity by Design

Carry out vehicle inspections with ease using our intuitive mobile DVIR app incorporating a smart graphical interface for faster data input

A Custom Fit

Use the all-purpose default inspection template or streamline your inspection process to match your needs and the relevant Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements

Concierge Service

Just ask your trusty Driveroo Concierge to configure your settings, so everything is exactly how you want it

Tailored to Fit Your Fleet

Every fleet is different. Driveroo Fleet allows you to configure the settings of your inspection software to match the unique requirements of your business. So, whether it’s trucks, trailers or machinery, your fleet will always be ready for action.

Paperless Inspections

Empower your drivers to complete easy and efficient vehicle checks using a handy pre trip inspection app. Maintain vehicle health and ensure legal compliance – all in a few convenient steps.

Less Down Time

Save 20% on unscheduled repair costs. Plan maintenance work based on inspection data and set up automated alerts and task reminders for your maintenance team.

Easy Compliance

Reduce the time and resources needed to ensure compliance with federal regulations. With the Driveroo electronic DVIR app, your drivers and managers can work together to maintain high standards and prevent fines or penalties.

Manage my Inspections

How Does it Work?

Step 1
Complete a fast and easy inspection with the handy mobile app.
Step 2
Inspection report available instantly on the Driveroo Fleet web platform.
Step 3
Fleet Manager accesses inspection report and schedules necessary maintenance or corrective action.
Step 4
Maintenance work is completed and logged against the original inspection report.
Step 5
Driver cross-checks at next inspection to ensure issues are resolved.
Step 6
Vehicle is fully compliant
and ready for use.

Replace Paper Forms with
a Seamless Digital Workflow

Paperless DVIR software that helps you work smarter

Simplify daily inspections

Configure your software to integrate the specific procedures you need, so everything works seamlessly for fleet managers and drivers alike.

Stay on top of maintenance

View up-to-the-minute maintenance data and send reminders and work orders to connected members of your maintenance team.

Ensure vehicle and driver compliance

Get a real-time record of completed DVIR forms to ensure your drivers comply with DOT rules.

Standardize incident reports

Guide workers to help them document safety issues completely. Track safety check results and issues for analysis.

Reminders and alerts

Schedule reminder notifications for your drivers and get alerts when daily vehicle inspections are overdue.

Easy access digital archive

Build an up-to-the-minute digital archive detailing all docs and maintenance history of every vehicle.

Ask Driveroo Concierge to customize your experience and start using the DVIR software that works for you.

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