Equipment And Vehicle
Check Out & Return

Increase efficiency and improve the customer experience with an entirely visual, digital inspection process that remembers found issues and instantly delivers online reports.

The Easiest Equipment Condition Check

Paper forms are slowing down your business, limiting visibility to critical data and creating a poor customer experience. Replace paper with a modern digital platform that makes your frontline workers more efficient and accurate. Ensure that you and your customers have visibility to complete information about the condition of your vehicles and equipment.

Make it Easy

Speed up the process with customized visuals and an easy-to-use mobile app.

Complete and Accurate

Customize workflows to your exact check-in and out process, making it easier to capture critical information.

Associate your Brand with Trust

Provide a digital inspection to ensure complete transparency, available on the spot and easily integrated with your systems.

Streamlined inspection process

Eliminate paper with digital inspections on mobile using an easy visual interface, QR/barcode scanner and digital signatures.

Guided assistance,
smart data capture

Boost operator efficiency with directed workflow, embedded instruction, specific steps for data collection, meter readings, images or video.

Operational dashboards,
alerts and reports

Save time and effort on inventory management. Get alerts of issues, and quickly see all data and activity with easy drill-down capabilities for each piece of equipment.

Why Driveroo

Check In
& Out on the Fly

Seamlessly perform check-ins and check-outs on the go. Designed for zero training, with fully visual workflows, tap-and-go inputs, voice commands, and the ability to work online or offline.

Automation and BOTS

Elevate your skills and productivity through personalized instruction and input-driven workflows. Our innovative BOTS actively support workers in processing and routing data, streamlining your tasks and making your job easier.


Experience the convenience of a fully customized solution tailored to your business needs, all without the complexities of IT. Focus on running your business while we handle the software, allowing you to maximize your time and efficiency.

Customers Say

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