Driveroo Vehicle Inspection Apps

Faster and Easier
Digital Vehicle Inspections

Perform regular inspections faster, improving efficiency. Streamline your car check-ups with an easy-to-use vehicle inspection app incorporating the high-speed visual input.

Empower Your Front Line

Using paper to record inspections slows down the process, introduces errors, and makes data collection difficult. Driveroo App was created in a close connection with managers and operators integrating a feedback loop to capture and share process knowledge.

Digital Helper

Shorten inspection times

Speed up simple or complex inspections with vehicle-specific interfaces and intuitive digital workflow.

Ensure process
standards and accuracy

Guide drivers and mechanics to collect the exact data you need with embedded instruction and data-driven workflow. Driveroo Concierge will help you build DOT, FMCSA, etc. compliant vehicle inspection digital process.

Drive instant visibility
and response to issues

Inspection results and data are available for reporting and alerts immediately, and managers can make corrective action on the spot.

Get Your
Industry-Specific Fit

Professional Fleets

Easily adapt to fit your business with the flexibility to add custom tasks or industry-specific processes.

Vehicle Dealers and Leasing

Deliver confidence to customers. Share detailed inspection reports to document the condition and health of any vehicle.

Auto Repair Shops

Boost ARO and generate more sales. Send digital inspection reports to customers and receive instant online job approvals.

How it Works


Create Inspection

Provide your workforce with a visual, asset-specific interface that incorporates your checklists and procedures specific to each unique inspection process.

Capture Data

Gather essential information from workers and equipment directly within inspections leveraging text, voice, IoT, scans, visual measurement, images, video and sign-offs.


Enable workers to request assistance or provide help directly within any step of the inspection process. Integrate a feedback loop to capture and share process knowledge from your experts.

Turn Issues
Into Actions

Empower workers to request or take corrective action on the spot with the ability to report issues or create and assign tasks with detailed information, images and video.

Easy-to-use Intuitive Mobile Interface

Easy visual mobile
A simple scan and tap, image, voice, video. All that captures data in an instant.
and assistance
Share information automatically and ask for assistance through the app.
empowered operators
Have instructions ready and standardized for accuracy.
Captures critical
operational data
Collect data and integrate it with your systems.
digital workflows
Customize your process and create tasks through the app.
Complete with
work orders
Automatically create work orders from reported issues. Track work completed and parts used. Understand detailed cost of service.

Why Driveroo

Loved by Drivers
and Operators

Designed for zero training, easy use with fully visual workflows, tap and go inputs, voice commands and online or offline operation.

Smart Automation
and BOTS

Boost skills and productivity with personalized instructions, workflows and BOTS that actively assist workers while processing and routing data.

Concierge Service

Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business without the need for IT. Use your time to run the business, not learn the software.

Customers Say

We have been using Driveroo in our shop for a couple of weeks now and as the service writer actually seeing the inspection with pictures and then being able to send them over to my customers has been amazing! Seeing things helps me be more confident in what I am selling. And our customers absolutely love being able to see what’s going on and makes it a much more transparent process!
Service Advisor
At my company, our mission is to continue to provide the absolute best in remembrance services. To do so, it’s critical that we maintain a quality fleet, prior to Driveroo we could only be reactive, now we have the transparency required to maintain our Fleets in their best possible condition.
Every time my business grew the overhead of maintaining my fleet went up exponentially. I would not have been able to double my business this year without implementing Driveroo.
Amazon Last Mile Fleet Company

your Inspection Software
Mobile and Efficient.

Request a Demo
to discover a vehicle inspection app that’s truly easy to use.

BAR scanner and decoder for faster input
Select answers and voice-to-text to cut down on typing
Unlimited pictures with editing and markup
Integrate Driveroo inspection software with your business applications
Save signed reports to the cloud
Download stored documents in PDF format
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