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What is a DVIR?

A DVIR is a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, a formal report whose purpose is to confirm the completion of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspection by its driver, as required under 49 CFR 396.11 and 396.13 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Per 49 CFR 396.11, a driver must conduct a post-trip inspection of each vehicle they operate at the end of the day. Any discovered issues must be reported and corrective actions taken.

Per 49 CFR 396.13, a driver must conduct a pre-trip inspection at the beginning of each day by reviewing the last DVIR completed on the vehicle and verifying that the required repairs (if any) have been performed.

Together, DVIRs produced during pre- and post-trip inspections play a crucial role in promoting road safety and reducing the risk of accidents involving CMVs operating in interstate commerce (passenger-carrying CMVs are exempt).

What It Covers
Exterior Check Walk Around
Wheels and Rims
Lights and reflectors
Windshield wipers
Front Bumper
Door Glasses
Sleeper Windows
Sleeper Compartment Body
Fuel Tank
Fifth Wheel
Rear Body Panel
Reflective Tape
Rear-End Protection
Mechanical Condition
Air Compressor
Air Lines
Rear End
Drive Line
Front Axle
Suspension System
Coupling Devices
Brake Accessories
Frame and Assembly
Fire Extinguisher
Reflective Triangles
Spare Bulbs and Fuses
Spare Seal Beam
Forward Facing Camera
Cheater Bar
Cabin Check
Service Brakes
Steering Mechanism
Parking Brakes
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
High Exhaust System Temperature
Anti-Lock Brake System
Trailer Brakes, Anti-Lock Brake System
Stop Engine
Engine Fan
Check Engine
Low Coolant Level
Transmission Service
Stability Control
Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
Hill Hold
Oil Pressure
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
High Coolant Temperature
External Check Walk Around Bus
Wipers & Washers
Left Headlights
Right Headlights
Left Front Turn Signal
Right Front Turn Signal
Left Front Amber Flashing light
Left Front Red Flashing light
Right Front Amber Flashing light
Right Front Red Flashing light
Crossing Arm
Front School Bus Sign
Under the Hood
Fluid leaks under bus
Loose wires
Hose connection
Belts in engine compartment
Engine Oil level
Radiator coolant level
Unusual engine noise
Exhaust system
Wheelchair lift
Check Inside the Bus
Fans & Defroster
Stop Arm Control (Warning Control)
Inside mirrors
Brake pedal
Emergency Exists Not Blocked and in Working Order
First Aid Kit
Cleanliness of Interior
Condition of floor
Driver's seat and belt
Interior seat belts
Parking Brake or service brake
Dashboard Lights
ABS light
Brake Pressure light
Brake Alarm
Malfunction Indicator Lamp
Stop Engine light
Engine Warn light
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) light
Brake Air Front light
Brake Air Rear light
Low Fuel Pressure light
High Coolant Temp light
Diesel Particulate Filter Lamp
Check Transmission light
Transmission Temperature light
Coolant Level light
Hydraulic Fluid Temperature light
High Exhaust System Temperature light
Low Oil Pressure light
Pre/Post-Trip DVIR
Commercial motor vehicle operators can save a lot of time and enjoy many other benefits by using Driveroo Fleet app, a modern digital Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) software solution.

Save Time – Go Digital

• Ease of adoption: Our intuitive visual inspection system makes it painless for drivers to adopt the software without the need for extensive and potentially costly training.

• Reduced risk of missed issues: Thanks to the guided nature of our DVIR software and its database of prior issues, drivers are far less likely to miss important issues during inspections or resort to pencil whipping.

• Simplified administration: Compared with paper-based inspections, digital DVIRs save time and money on administration because they eliminate the need for manual data entry, collection, and storage of physical forms.

• Hassle-free auditing: Digital DVIRs help commercial motor vehicle operators pass audits without any hassle by providing an organized and easily accessible archive of all inspection reports.

• Streamlined issue resolution: Driveroo provides instant visibility to issues that can be quickly resolved through Driveroo's easy repair and maintenance management capabilities with in-house mechanics or external repair services. Resolved issues are automatically recorded for DOT reporting.

• Real-time tracking: Our software provides real-time tracking of vehicle inspection results, giving fleet managers access to up-to-date information on the condition of the entire fleet.

• Cost savings: Commercial motor vehicle operators that embrace digital DVIR software can achieve significant cost savings by simplifying their administration and resolving maintenance issues before they cause expensive accidents.

How it Works

A driver launches the Driveroo Fleet app on a mobile device and uses it to quickly and easily complete a pre- or post-trip DVIR.
Once completed, the DVIR becomes instantly available on the Driveroo Fleet web platform, allowing the fleet manager to schedule necessary maintenance work.
When maintenance work is completed, it's logged against the original inspection report and automatically updates the vehicle record and inspection process.
During the next inspection, the driver can effortlessly cross-check recorded information to ensure all issues have been repairs are completed.

Don't Just Trade Paper
For Digital Paper

The key to a successful for digital DVIR project is ensuring that the inspections are accurate and consistent. Driveroo's unique visual inspection experience combined with it's missed inspection alerts and one of a kind smart inspections that remember prior issues makes it easier and faster for drivers. No more pencil whipping forms or skipped inspections. Just more accurate and consistent inspection data available instantly online.

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