Calculate Your Fleet Management Business Impact
Based on your responses the following estimates will be provided:
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Downtime Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Administrative Savings
Step 1

Let’s Customize Your Experience

Just answer a few simple questions and have a quick follow-up demo with a Driveroo White Glove Service Specialist.
What type of fleet do you operate?
Long Haul
Government /Municipal
Warehouse /Manufacturing
Heavy Equipment
Step 2
1. Select the assets you’d like to add to your demo
2. How many assets are in your fleet?
< 10
Step 3
What Inspection flow would you like?
Select the inspection steps to customize your inspection workflow.
DOT Vehicle
PPE add-on
Uniform add-on
Tools add-on
Reduce maintenance
expenditure by 40%
inspections 3x faster
Increase your asset
efficiency by up to 50%
Let's get you connected with the Driveroo team to schedule a demo and answer your questions.

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