Digital Fleet Compliance

Ensure Compliance
and Efficiency with Driveroo

Make it easy for drivers and operators to complete compliance and safety procedures, and to collect the critical data for a comprehensive digital audit trail. Using standard mobile devices, an intuitive visual interface and 24/7 cloud-based access to information, Driveroo ensures your business stays compliant with important regulatory and safety guidelines for vehicles, equipment and personnel.

Easier and Faster

Mobile, fully visual, guided digital workflows streamline safety checks and ensure compliance for all skill levels

A Custom Fit

Driveroo easily adapts to fit your safety procedures with the flexibility to define workflows, document issues and assign corrective actions

Instant Information

Complete data collection automated, with real-time visibility, trends and KPI data available and auditable 24/7 in the cloud


Full compliance requires fleets to meet certain requirements. Drivers must complete daily pre/post-trip inspections in detail to ensure the safety of their vehicles. Fleet maintenance guidelines should be followed as well to avoid repairs and failures. Drivers must conduct drug and alcohol tests to avoid impaired drivers. The purpose of DOT compliance requirements is to ensure the safety of fleet vehicles.


Compliance ensures full transparency for fleet operations. With regular inspections and meticulous records, all aspects of operations become apparent to fleet managers. DOT-compliant practices allow for greater efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased potential. Compliant fleets are easier to manage and earn greater profits.

Ensure Inspections Happen

Eliminate paper forms and make it easier and faster to complete your required inspections. A simple visual interface guides operators through every point in the process. Tap and go approval, or drill down to identify issues with customized responses or easy voice and picture annotations.

Safety and Incident Reports

It’s critical to ensure safety, but accidents do happen. Having a handy mobile helper like Driveroo can quickly guide your operators through every step of these important checks and reports. And Driveroo is easy to adapt to your specific needs to make sure all checks are complete and all the necessary information is captured for reporting purposes.

See It, Record It

With Driveroo, all inspections, checklists and incident reports are immediately available so that you’re always aware and on top of any issues that arise. Use that instant intelligence to send data to other applications, trigger alerts or create tasks. Plus you now have an auditable record of compliance and issues available 24/7

Modernize your fleet with Driveroo

Driveroo extends beyond fleet management, providing a flexible digital platform which focuses on fleet-specific organization and needs to ensure proper compliance.

With mobile inspections, fleet tracking, asset management through the web dashboard, and customized inspections, Driveroo fleet compliance software ensures the most compliance, the safest transportation, and the greatest efficiency.

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