Referral Program for Amazon DSPs

Get Driveroo FREE
for your Amazon Fleet!

You already know how Driveroo helps you eliminate paper, perform true inspections, stay ahead of maintenance issues, protect your routes, and ultimately maximize your Amazon incentive payouts. Now you can share this with your colleagues and reap the benefits!

You get paid Immediately

It’s simple. For every Amazon DSP that joins Driveroo based on your referral, you will receive the equivalent of their first month’s bill. You have a choice of receiving this in one of two ways:

  • As an Amazon gift card
  • As a discount on your next Driveroo invoice

To take advantage of this program, simply notify Driveroo about your referral, or have your colleague let Driveroo know that they were referred by you. When they begin using Driveroo, you will get paid. That’s it!

To register a referral, reach out to Driveroo through any of your normal channels or send an email to

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