Driver Management Software

Keep your Drivers up to Speed

Record and monitor driver data to ensure your fleet operations are safe, efficient and fully compliant with industry regulations.

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Simplicity by Design

Access and manage driver records in real time with easy-to-use software that empowers fleet managers to monitor and optimize fleet performance.

A Custom Fit

Customize your software to match your fleet operations - set up driver alerts, task reminders and compliance notifications.

Concierge Service

Just ask Roo! Your Driveroo concierge will configure your software, so you have a complete driver management solution incorporating all of the processes, reports and features you need.

Analyze Driver Performance

Measure the performance of individual drivers without the expense of additional devices. Drivers simply install the Driveroo mobile app on their smartphones and fleet managers use Driveroo’s digital dashboard to access real-time information including vehicle location, routes taken, on-time performance and more.

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Monitor Your Mobile Workforce

View real-time driver behavior data to ensure that your team is compliant with company policy and safe-driving rules. Receive notifications when drivers stray outside specified zones. Get alerts when routine inspections are missed or when vehicle maintenance procedures are not fully implemented.

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Stay Compliant

Maintain accurate driver records and ensure that all licensing and registration documentation is valid and up to date. Access and manage fleet data with secure cloud storage that allows you to assign specific access rights to individuals within your team.

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See How Driveroo Works

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