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Wright's Automotive Service


x xo

Wright's auto motive is exceptional in it's service and automotive expertise. I would highly recommend them to any one looking for a premium mechanic. They are always courteous and will keep you updated as the work is performed. I even received a complimentary ride home on my day of drop-off. I would give them six stars if possible. Karl v.

Vala Burnett

Can't say enough good about this place - a friend recommended it when I had a warning light come on a while back - turns out they just had to flip a switch and it was all better! Could have easily talked me into a more expensive repair, because I don't know a THING about cars, but they were super-honest and helpful, which meant a lot, because we were in a real financial pickle at the time... So of COURSE I went back when I started to have trouble again - this time, it turned out that there was a hole in the radiator! They emailed photos so I could understand what was wrong, and then replaced it and had me back on the road, good as new, in literally 24 hours. That means a lot also - because each day without a car is a real stress on how to get kids to school / me to work / life moving. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs something for their car - good service and good PEOPLE.

cleo conol

This place is unbelievable ???? Thank you David ! I appreciate that He explained and discussed with with me what should be done now and later. He gave me ideas, suggestions and shared his knowledge! The price is fair too! ?

kimani Harper

The customer service was wonderful and everything was explained perfectly and I am sure they would have done an excellent job. However I give 3 stars due to the cost. I was quoted a cost of $1270 for a radiator, thermostat, gasket, hose and flush on a 98 Altima. I went to a different shop also AAA certified and their price for the same service was only $430 including labor, needless to say I took my car there. Even paying $180 for the diagnostic with Wright's my total cost is still half of what Wright's was charging. Nice guys but way too expensive.

David ly

They do the job is ok not to much think to do but they charge to much expensive places Auto shop.

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