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Shops Ratings & Reviews

Berkeley Auto Care


Kelso Bradshaw

our van’s check engine light went on after driving from orange county, we took it here to get an inspection and fix the problems. the staff was incredibly nice and very helpful, would stay late to ensure us be able to leave town on time. always answered the phone about questions, and were very fast. great auto repair, and brilliantly nice people. they deserve your business.

Ethan Stan

Friendly and efficient service! Called for an appointment on Tuesday, was in by Wednesday at 8am, had the problem diagnosed by 10am, and my car was available by 11:30am. I was absolutely amazed by how quick they were in fixing my brakes and changing my oil. Many thanks!

Daniella G

Really friendly and kind people. I didn't pay for service, but they filled my tires up for free anyways.

Juliane Piiloblondie Müller

Friendly people, fast service. I bring my car here for oil changes or whenever something comes up. I usually get an appointment right the next day. Last time they couldn't fix the part that was broken (had to be done by a dealer), and they didn't charge me for the time it took them to look at it. Then they gave me advice where I could get it fixes. I like these guys!

Sean Lykes

They are good (and know it) they gave me a quote then tried to save me some money every way they could. They also helped me one morning when my battery died (from,an unrelated matter) and I had to get to work . I walked to them and they were nice enough to loan me there charger. I returned it and made it to work on time. I continuously come back to them because even though it pains me to spend the money like anyone else. I also know that my problem will be fixed and on time. And that in turn gives me time to focus on my bussiness. So yes . I recommend these people. There professional, skilled, and will give you your money's worth. When I first went to them i noticed they were foreigners and was automatically suspicious. But after comparing the quote he gave me with other shops I saw and started to believe he was doing me a favor so I decided to try him out. On replacing my catillitic converter. Finished on time. And running good . Forieners ain't did me wrong (yet). I still stay aware though. They ain't American.

Fellow's Auto Repair (Formerly Bauer's)


Danielle Adams

I called for smog check and they got me in right away, service was done in about 20 minutes. Really nice people work there. Great!

Tiffanee Barrett

He had a problem when I asked for a diagnostic test and then finally told me it would be $270 just to plug a machine in and tell me if something is wrong with the car. Extremely rude and unprofessional, laughing saying I should have already gotten it done.

Anthony YOung

Labor—$175! For Brake & lamp inspection—$7. Should be half and said it would be an hour

Elsa Lee

My dad works at fellows auto repair and I am proud of him

Mark Adams

In February 2016 I had a major repair job done to the tires, wheels and under carriage of my 2014 Dodge Avenger. A few days ago, (April 7th) I heard a strange grinding noise coming from my car's left front tire and I immediately pulled over. But no sooner than I braked to stop my car, the noise disappeared as well. Finally I called around Berkeley to get quotes from three different shops for parts, labor and inspection service for a potential repair on my brakes? Alan answered the phone at Bauer's and he was very professional as well as direct about what services he could provide so I decided to give Bauer's Auto Repair a try because of how professional Alan's response was to my questions. Alan gave me a reasonable quote for service and a couple of hours later they fixed the problem. It turns out that the February 2016 repair work done on my car (by a different shop) was faulty and Alan's team found a "loose bolt" floating around in my wheel well that apparently came loose from the brake assembly. Alan and his team photographed their work and gave me a report. Great service, fair price and (I'm) a happy customer. Since this kind of thing doesn't happen everyday it was pretty amazing to see how much good work went into fixing my car. Thank you Bauer's Auto Repair.

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