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Metropolitan Motors


Mara Adelman

WOW, we were 3 older women caught in the worst rain storm in SF history, on the freeway and our engine is burning-up. We took Bryant exit and stopped immediately--without knowing, in front of Metropolitan Motors. Frantically I went in to get help. They were amazing! Lawton came out to help us and told us we needed to tow the car. We live in Napa. Steve, the receptionist called a nearby car rental. We decided, why not leave the car with them? These guys were authentic, caring about us, and honest. What more could we ask. Within the hour we were back on the road to Napa. Returned 2 days later with a fair estimate of work and detailed notes on the car that now runs great! I love this place--so rare to get this kind of help AND service. Thanks you guys--you're fabulous, wish I lived in S.F. so I could use you more often!

Sinan Yasar

Friendly staff, and professional service. Would recommend.

Sherron Mills

The folks at Metropolitan Motors are the best. They remember you, do good work, and have very fair fees. I've been going to them for over 40 years and they have taken excellent car of my cars.

dot choi

AK helped me figured out exactly what problem I have with my Mercedes. The mechanics are friendly and helpful and the repair cost was fair. I would recommend this mechanic shop to everyone in San Francisco.

Eric Hiss

I've gone to Metropolitan motors for more than two years. Lawton is friendly and knowledgeable, and they seem to be able to fix most things and sometimes have better prices than elsewhere and can do stuff like new tires and DMV reg that other shops can't. Meagan was great but isn't at the downtown location anymore. Steve could never replace her level of customer service unfortunately. That's the good stuff, but I'm not sure that I'll be going back to them anymore. It seems like the last five times I've been something new crops up, some problem like check engine light or wheel bearings will show up just the day after and its annoying. First few times I thought oh well that happens... but after so many times it starts to look like a real pattern. :-( one car is old, the other only 35k miles so can't say why but it is odd.

Sunrise Auto Service


Frank Satchel

Professional auto technicians, honest and hard working. I no longer live in SF but still drive 30 miles to get my car serviced there. I have been going to Sunrise auto for over 15 years.

Michael Maye

Been going here almost two years now and they are reasonably priced and do good work.

Lance Mellon

Great Neighborhood Auto Shop. These guys know their stuff and seem to be pretty fair and honest

Raymnd Lau

Great price for SMOG CHECK, and regular maintenance jobs.

Sing Chan

This garage is great, the staff are very friendly, they charge very reasonable and fair prices. I have been going to them for a year now and highly recommend them!

San Francisco Auto Repair Center


bradley clift

I have never been to an auto repair shop before so I honestly expected the worst. From what I have heard auto shops are shady at times. San Francisco Auto Repair is anything but that. Gary was very attentive and did EVERYTHING he could to help me out. I really appreciate that he made sure to call me and tell me exactly what was going on along the way. I would definitely bring my vehicle back to Gary at SF auto repair again. No question about that.

Paul Schreer

Great team! I had a fuel pump failure on a Friday morning, I had it towed directly to SF Auto Repair, they made room for it. I went to work, enjoyed my weekend, and they I had it ready for me Monday at noon.

Lucia Wallace

Very disappointing. Embodies car service shadiness. After robbing me of 1 hour of my life they gave me a quote that was 2x his initial "range" and also 2x two other quotes I've already gotten.Details: I knew I needed new brakes because the Toyota service told me so after an inspection at my last checkup. I've been getting quotes for the work, already had 2 other quotes (both right around $300, both took less than 5 minutes to give me the quote) and walked in to SF Auto Repair (this place) to get a third quote for my new brake pads.Gary at the front desk said he needed to do his own inspection to provide me with a quote. I asked him if he could give me a range and he responded $250 (I gave him make model and year - which is normally sufficient). Rough quote sounded good to me, so I came back the following day with the car to do the inspection he insisted on (that I really didn’t want or need). After one hour (again, this compares to 5 minutes at 2 other places) he told me $606. That's more than 2x what he indicated the previous day, about 2x my other two quotes and after taking 1 hour of my day AND taking all of my contact information (again, other places don't do that).I don't have a problem with businesses having different pricing. There are low cost and higher cost businesses - all have a place. But the practice of holding a car hostage for an hour for something that could be done far far faster, plus giving a low ball indication that isn't even close (despite having all the information beforehand), plus taking all personal contact information is one good example why some car repair shops have a bad reputation.If you want to support an honest and straightforward car repair shop - this isn't one of them!

Clayms Lisa

This was a very pleasant experience Alfredo from USA Towing called to let us know when he would arrive at our house He explained the process He was very pleasant and knowledgeable We Give USA Towing our highest recommendation and suggest Alfredo's Boss give him some form of special Recognition for his outstanding customer service.

Family Always

My heater hose busted as soon as I came in to San Francisco for work luckily for me I was literally three blocks away from San Francisco auto repair Center, Gary, Was able to find the specialty part for my vehicle and have it repaired within three hours this is the only shop I will ever go to in San Francisco because they deliver quality service affordable prices and they are speeding and they do not cut corners on quality. Thank You Gary (owner) & Ken (mechanic)

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