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Metropolitan Motors


Erica Johnston

I cannot recommend Metro Motors enough. I was (foolishly) taking my car to the mercedes dealership and I was constantly put through unnecessary tests and services. I was constantly asked "do you want us to call your husband to talk about the car??". It was super unprofessional and very rude. Then I was referred to Metro. I was hesitant at first since most hold to the thinking that "dealership is the safest way to ensure your ROI". However, once I made the switch...I'll never go back to a dealer ever again. The team at Metro is so diligent, respectful, and friendly. They explain everything, never push any services on me, and always easy to reach. If you are looking for a reason to leave the dealership, this is it. I know I am getting the best price and service at Metro. I have even taken it in before to ask them to change the oil. They came back and said "No need. You have another 5k miles on there!" Instead of just doing what I asked, they came back to me with information and allowed me to make a more educated decision. Metro works for the customer and ensures they have all they need from start to finish.

steve ly

Very helpful friendly service.

Rowmeeka Collier

Lawton and staff they are the best, great work and on time service...

Mara Adelman

WOW, we were 3 older women caught in the worst rain storm in SF history, on the freeway and our engine is burning-up. We took Bryant exit and stopped immediately--without knowing, in front of Metropolitan Motors. Frantically I went in to get help. They were amazing! Lawton came out to help us and told us we needed to tow the car. We live in Napa. Steve, the receptionist called a nearby car rental. We decided, why not leave the car with them? These guys were authentic, caring about us, and honest. What more could we ask. Within the hour we were back on the road to Napa. Returned 2 days later with a fair estimate of work and detailed notes on the car that now runs great! I love this place--so rare to get this kind of help AND service. Thanks you guys--you're fabulous, wish I lived in S.F. so I could use you more often!

Sherron Mills

The folks at Metropolitan Motors are the best. They remember you, do good work, and have very fair fees. I've been going to them for over 40 years and they have taken excellent car of my cars.

Sunrise Auto Service



I needed an oil change it was done in 30 minutes for a cool price

Red Wine

Have been going there for many years. Great, fast and friendly service

William Marotz

All good.

Frank Satchel

Professional auto technicians, honest and hard working. I no longer live in SF but still drive 30 miles to get my car serviced there. I have been going to Sunrise auto for over 15 years.

Ben Yee

Smog check

San Francisco Auto Repair Center


John Trevithick

I've been coming to Gary and the San Francisco Auto Repair Center for over 10 years, and have always been pleased with their work, customer service, and trustworthiness. I particularly appreciate the careful explanation I get upon picking up my car, so that I have a clear understanding of the work that was done and any follow-up or things for which to watch down the road.An experience that stands out was following a mandatory airbag replacement I had done on my Honda, work covered under warranty at the dealership. When my airbag warning light came on a couple weeks after the replacement, I figured it was related, and took the car back to the dealership. They diagnosed the problem as a faulty sensor, unrelated to the previous work, and gave an estimate of $350+ to fix it. I called up Gary and explained, saying if SF Auto could do this kind of work, I'd much rather pay them than the dealer. Gary said to bring the car in, that sometimes the sensors just need to be reset (something like rebooting your computer); we could try this to see if it worked. Indeed the rebooting worked and Gary saved me over $350!What stands out is not just that Gary had the knowledge and experience to know that perhaps a reset was all that was needed, it was also the care he took to solve the problem at minimum expense to me, even when he made less on the work. It is this sort of attention and ethical customer-centered approach that keeps me coming back; I know Gary and the team will always do the right thing for me, regardless, and that this approach is ultimately best for business, as it cements customer loyalty. I don’t believe the dealer was necessarily unethical (after all the warning light was on), but they did not exhibit the same concern for me and ultimately their business, that Gary did. Thanks, Gary!

Engeue Cinraua

Great communication and flexibility - Michelle and her staff kept me up to date with progress, offered options for a major repair. I'll be happy to bring my vehicles there for maintenance and repair -- great experience!

David McKeown

I would not recommend this shop. Brakes were working perfectly but the warning buzzer on my Lexus was sounding. So I had to get a (very high priced) diagnostic. I was told that there was a short and that I needed a Master cylinder. Got one installed (well over $1000). A year later, the buzzer sounded again. I was now told that the battery was weak and that I needed a new battery. However, after installation the buzzer continued to sound. I was told now that I needed ANOTHER master cylinder and that warranty on first had expired. The brakes themselves were still working perfectly. Unable to afford a new master cylinder I asked Gary if he could disconnect buzzer, he said ‘no’. Another shop disconnected buzzer free of charge. I have had no problems in the two years since since.

Deborah Smith

The Best in the Auto Repair business,money well spent, their the only people for me.

bradley clift

I have never been to an auto repair shop before so I honestly expected the worst. From what I have heard auto shops are shady at times. San Francisco Auto Repair is anything but that. Gary was very attentive and did EVERYTHING he could to help me out. I really appreciate that he made sure to call me and tell me exactly what was going on along the way. I would definitely bring my vehicle back to Gary at SF auto repair again. No question about that.

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