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Luxurati California Auto Body & Repair


Thomas Jones

Exceptional service and an all around great group of people to work with. I’d recommend them to anybody who cares about the quality of work they’re getting. Special thanks to Ilya! Very customer oriented and professional. My Mercedes looks like new now.

Alvin Chan

Management wants to nickel and dime you for everything. Upon arrival, they told me the engine cover needs to be removed for them to check components underneath. I've never been asked at any other smog test facility to do that. They wanted to charge $20 for them to remove the cover if I didn't do it myself, so I had to drive home to get my tools because they refused to let me use their tool to remove it. I guess they're banking on people not wanting to make the drive home. I bought the smog deal on livingsocial and nowhere was it mentioned that the engine cover needed to be removed or the $20 fee for them to turn a few bolts. When it came time to pick up the car and pay for the smog cert, Ilya tried to charge my wife $10 instead of $8.25 even though she was paying with cash as per the terms of the deal. When confronted, Ilya told her that he should've charged her more for having to stay late to wait for her. I had called and told him that she was stuck in traffic prior. She arrived by 6:15, which is the time he told us to make it there by. We don't care about the $1.75 but it just shows what kind of person he is.


Professional help all the way through the process. Great quality job on repair. Fast and affordable.

Patrick Shen

I had a smog check here. The service by itself is good. I deducted one point for the fees, $1.75 for credit card surcharge, $10 for engine cover (I was informed). One point for the wait, no appointment so you only know about the wait time when you get there. And one point for squeeze his friend in front of me.

Keith M

I am not sure what the last reviewer is seeing, but I came in with my 2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. They are a very busy shop and there were 2 cars ahead of mine (first come, first served-no appointments). They started my smog within 30 minutes and I was done 16 MINUTES LATER!! I even had engine covers that are very time consuming to remove to do the test ( I also was informed before the test they were $50 additional to remove). They were very friendly, professional and clean, the process was very easy and I will not hesitate to use them again. Very highly recommended!!

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