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Shops Ratings & Reviews

Five Points Tire


Robert Melendez

I've been meaning to update my review for a while. Five Points Tire has gone above and beyond to ensure my experiences with them were pleasant ones. I had some pretty extensive repairs done to two of my vehicles there (An entire rear end one and some moderate suspension/alignment work on the other). Unsolicited, I recieved a call from Vic at Five Points. He wanted to thank me for my business and to make sure both my vehicles were operating to my satisfaction. It's because of excellent work, reasonable prices, and an appreciation for their customers that dictates a five star rating for Five Points Tire.

Dale Eaton

Good guys, fast service and they're willing to work with you on pricing

Victor Khedr

Guys are knowledgeable, fair priced, and you get what you pay for! They have been in the business since 1964, staff is great, waiting area is clean, free Wifi, free coffee daily, free donuts on Thursday's and Saturday's.

Barbara Leep

The folks there are very knowledgeable and competent, and they have been very nice the few times I have had my tires serviced

Rey Pagarigan

Great shop! The brakes on my Suburban needed replacing, it was done even before I finished my complementary donut! Great prices! Thank you Victor and Sal!

Redwood General Tire Pros


Wook Chung

This is a long-time running tire shop in Redwood City. Kurt (the main manager) has been there since 1989 (I think). You can definitely sense the long history and pride these guys have in making sure they get your tire right. I went in due to a super unlucky incidence where one of my barely used 4-set tires ruptured on the side, making it irreparable. Kurt tried his very best to not have be buy another set of 4, and worked around my schedule and availability. He was honest with the quality of tires that was in the shop, and you can sense that he just wants to make sure he gets your tires right.

Blaise Pabon

They had a nice selection in stock, including my preferred location Cooper touring. There is lots of capacity, too; so I was able to drop in with no appointment and get helped immediately. I decided to keep one of my tires to use as a spare and the tech out it in the trunk for me, wrapped in a bag (nice touch).

Kate Reid

Always great friendly & affordable service. Charles and the whole team is why—even though I moved from RWC,—I still drive up from San Jose to get my work done.

Bill Schripsema

Great service! Fast and friendly. I liked them a lot!

Danielle G.

This is a wonderful place to come to. We have found everyone we have talked with the be extremely professional and knowledgeable. My husband was just there a couple of weeks ago. He had found a nail in one of our tires. He had initially gone to America's tires and they said that we needed a new tire. I am not sure why, but I believe they said we would need 2 tires. It was also going to be 2-3 hour wait. During that wait time my husband walked over to Redwood General. They would be able to get to it within 40 minutes or so. It also turned out the tire could be patched. So, we went from possibly spending $500 to $30 for the patch. Our tires are from America's Tires so we will continue to go back there for rotations since they are free. But the next time we need new ones we will be heading to Redwood General!!

Woodside Auto & Tire


Sebastian Wisniewski

Excellent. Only downside is that it's hard to schedule an appointment. Place gets booked quickly.

Jennifer Stalley

Terrific service! These guys are the real deal. Thank you so much for the help with my tires!

Melody Taulava

Thanks for saving me for the 2nd time?

Matthew Herrera

Great Service. Awesome guys! Their prices remain unbeaten!!!

Alexuhhyeah Fg

You can’t always have perfect work with mechanics accedents happen, people get stressed and missthings. But they stole my radar system from my truck. They have bad employees, if you can steal my personal property then you have no problem charging me 2850$ and not fixing the issue I went in for. Horrible people and even worse people employ them. Don’t advise going here even if you are stranded.

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