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Shops Ratings & Reviews

Five Points Tire


Rey Pagarigan

Great shop! The brakes on my Suburban needed replacing, it was done even before I finished my complementary donut! Great prices! Thank you Victor and Sal!

chad moussa

Came down there for an oil service. The shop checked out my vehicle noticed it needed brakes and tires. They got the job done same day and gave me a great deal. They also offer rides to your home or work and free tire rotations. they now have a customer for life!!!

Brian Bulkowski

Honest. Fair prices. Good work. What else would you ever want out of a simple tire joint?

Tim Lourie

Look like decent guys to do the job, though quote of new tires was on a pricy end of the spectrum

jonathan pires

Went here to see about having some uneven tires shaved. Got an honest opinion and a better deal on a new set of tires balanced and installed in record time. I drove 45 minutes just to go here and it was worth it. Appreciated the honesty and help not to mention the beyond speedy service. Will return in the future.

Redwood General Tire Pros


Danielle Ghiozzi

This is a wonderful place to come to. We have found everyone we have talked with the be extremely professional and knowledgeable. My husband was just there a couple of weeks ago. He had found a nail in one of our tires. He had initially gone to America's tires and they said that we needed a new tire. I am not sure why, but I believe they said we would need 2 tires. It was also going to be 2-3 hour wait. During that wait time my husband walked over to Redwood General. They would be able to get to it within 40 minutes or so. It also turned out the tire could be patched. So, we went from possibly spending $500 to $30 for the patch. Our tires are from America's Tires so we will continue to go back there for rotations since they are free. But the next time we need new ones we will be heading to Redwood General!!

Juliana Belinello

My husband got his tires replaced here recently and the service was phenomenal. Booked his order online and the response was prompt and professional. He got the exact time he booked, which was very convenient. As for the service, the estimated time for the tires was 2hrs and they did it in 1. Their prices are more than fair and no other place could beat there prices/service/warranty. These guys are great and definitely coming here again.

Christy Evereklian

Well I guess sometimes yelp is correct. This place is quite reasonable in terms of price. The quality of work seems great and it was also a professional business transaction. I would recommend this shop to anybody. We were just traveling through town and needed some repairs to our car. They gave us a very fair price that was not inflated or anywhere near what the dealership would charge.

Jordan Webster

I scraped my wheels and noticed there was a small cut in the sidewall of my tire. I came and I asked them to check it out and they said everything was fine and sent me on my way and wouldn’t even let me give them a few dollars. I really appreciate the friendliness of the staff and putting safety first.

elissa mcquaid

I've been going to general tire for about 10 or 15 years. I love their prices, selection, quality of service. I love the fact that they will rotate your tires for free if you buy the tires there. They are usually pretty fast too. They have WIFI, coffee, clean bathrooms and very comfy chairs for while you wait.I would have given 5 stars except that in the last year or two I've noticed the service guys being more rude/arrogant/grumpy with me. For a commodity like tires, I can go anywhere, wish they'd realize that and not have an attitude (especially after seeing I've been a loyal customer over the years). They used to be so patient and explain things. But I see it improving over my last few visits again.

Woodside Auto & Tire


faith collins

The customer service here is top notch. I was driving today and ran over a nail and pulled into Woodside Auto and Tire and they came out and immediately helped me and had me out the door within 15 minutes. Everyone was so helpful and friendly, I will use them again in the future.

Tommy Allen

They do decent work, but they're crazy expensive. I needed new brake pads, tie rods, and spark plugs, and they wanted to charge me $1200 (also suggested doing an extra $300 of stuff I didn't need). I was able to get it all done, with OE parts, for less than $600 elsewhere. They mark up the parts an extra 100% over what you can get them for at autozone.

Zak Stamps

Very Helpful Honest people. I plan to return every time I need auto repair

Matthew Johnson

They used to stand behind the usually excellent work they do. But price is high even when the work is not so good. $300 for new spark plugs that don't solve the problem isn't reasonable.

TJ Sanchez

Manny did a great job on my truck and let me know that my tires were starting to dry rot

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