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Driveroo Network Check Engine Light Service locations in Menlo Park, CA

Shops Ratings & Reviews

Menlo Park Chevron


Donald Earl Mason

John, Rubin and all the other mechanics there, yes including Jimmy, are the best there is. When I take my cars there I know they are going to be fixed right the 1st time..

Kathleen Sheffer

I went to Chevron for a standard oil change and got a call while my car was in the shop urging me to service my brake and transmission fluid as well. I was shocked when I returned to have $340 in charges added to my bill. I feel like I was taken advantage of because I did not know when my car had been serviced last as it is a shared car. I wish I had been advised about how much the fluid replacement would cost before they exchanged it. My mechanic tells me now they rarely need to be replaced.

Sally Herrick

I made an appointment for a smog check, and when I arrived, I could see the service area was very busy. The check-in person estimated my wait time for 35 minutes. I said OK (not sure how they were going to achieve this). They finished check right on time. Very pleasant and efficient. I recommend John and his crew.

John Guthery

Fast and efficient smog check

John Reinstra

Most helpful staff! Filled up my tire when I needed it!

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