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Shops Ratings & Reviews

5 Star Auto Service


Sandide F.

When you contact 5 Star Auto Service, the first person you usually encounter is a gentleman name Scott, who is a charming and efficient representative of 5 Star Auto Service. He is really a Gentleman, patient, and automotively skilled to answer most questions asked of him, and the wonderful thing is, he actually takes time to answer your questions. Something most places seldom do, but instead they just want you to bring your car in and wait to be informed. If you're a woman, other places tend to patronize you, but not Scott. He listens! Moreover, the facility is clean and well lit, even in the repair area. I'm sure he treats everyone equally because I am an elderly Black woman, and I was treated wonderfully. I was so impressed that I brought in my second vehicle to be serviced. I only really want to give 4.5 stars because I haven't had enough time to reap the full results, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed because Scott assured me, if I have a problem to just bring the my vehicle back in as they guarantee their work. This is a place where women are treated well. Sandra M Farmer Half Moon Bay

Steve Donahoe

These guys live up very nicely to their name! Easy to get an appointment, the work is done quickly and the price is very fair. The day after a recent repair my car had a problem that ultimately turned out to be unrelated to their work. Five Star diagnosed and corrected it for me at no charge. We trust them with our cars and appreciate the quality and service. Well Done and Thanks!

Mark Pappas

I had smelt anti freeze and brought my Chevy Tahoe to be checked out. Neg greeted me and popped open the hood, and said yes Radiator was leaking and needed replacing, and that was about 1pm. $ Pm Scott called o say Radiator and hoses replaced and Ned was on his way to pick me up. I did not expect to get my Tahoe back the same day. Great Customer Service and they stand behind there work. Not the first repair I have had done there and I will keep bringing my Vehicles there. Thanks Guys

sean murphy

I have two older cars that I do a lot of work to myself, but I have used these guys for tires, alignment & smog. Their staff was very helpful and friendly, the service was prompt, and quality of work was great. Since my cars are high mileage I was expecting them to try to sell me parts I didn't need, but they never did. I'll definitely continue to use them.

Ovidiu Feodorov

Deceitful, and once caught on to the fact, aggressive and rude. Not only that I would not go there again, but I would go to some lengths trying to convince friends not to.I've brought the vehicle into the shop for diagnosis of intermittent start problems. 5 Star Auto Shop recommended replacing the starter, and few other things, including back wheel brake shoes and drums. Their official documentation mentions that the shoe thickness 1.0 - 1.5 mm, in writing. The copy of the document is attached.Unfortunately for them, and totally unrelated, I had a recent wheel inspection and a report saying that the back-wheel brakes are in good condition. That made me seek a second opinion, for the whole thing, especially the ignition problems.It turned out that the problem was not the starter, but the alternator. A specialist will tell you that a starter is much more expensive to replace, at least for Honda Accords, as more labor is involved. I suspect 5 Star Auto Shop would have found out during repair that the alternator is also defective and would have recommended the replacement, "at a discount". Under that circumstances, the whole thing would have looked almost like a good deal, and turned them into the subject of my gratitude. In any case, another company replaced the alternator and the car starts fine since.As for the brakes, a new inspection performed by a specialized shop *after* 5 Star Auto Shop reported 1.0 mm thick brake shoes, revealed that that the back-wheel brake shoes - all four of them - are in good condition (4 mm) and do not require servicing. The drums are also in good condition and do not require servicing. The copy of the report is attached.At this point, and in my opinion, 5 Star Auto Shop's behavior might be considered as verging on fraud.After presented with evidence and asked for diagnostic procedure refund, the clerk became aggressive, and started to use expletives that cannot be reproduced here.Avoid, unless you do not care about being deceived, are OK with paying a lot more than necessary, and are also OK with the f*** word used on you.

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