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5 Star Auto Service


Scudder Mersman

I am am so glad I was recommended to go here! I have a car that was in need of complex code resets and care above and beyond normal service to get a smog check even run. The patience, skill and dedication Scott have to me and my car shows the care this team has for getting the job done correctly. I highly recommend this business!

Jay Williams

I was referred to 5 Star by my father-in-law as he's taken his vehicle there several times. I was attended to very quickly and energetically. In the past I have brought vehicles here via AAA when I towed cars for them. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and motivated to help. They diagnosed my vehicle quickly and stayed at the quoted price for the analysis. Their prices are fair and honest. They're also a AAA rated business so you can put you worries to rest about any scamming our price gouging. I live in the central valley, but would definitely recommend 5 Star to anyone that lives in the Peninsula and looking for a reputable shop.

Mel Avanesian

As a female, going to the mechanic causes deep anxiety. I know the basics of my car, but sometimes it's like they mechanic is speaking french (and I don't speak french) when they're talking about this hose, that fluid, this piece, blah blah blah.... Scott took the time to explain the issues with my car and gave me options for a solution instead of just saying this is what you need to do and this is the cash you need to shell out. I appreciated his time and the details he provided, he was genuine. And that, my friends, is priceless (no matter how much you have to spend on your car sometimes). I'll be coming back for sure.Btw, the one star comments are HILARIOUS, you should read them if you're waiting in line somewhere. But also pay attention to the owner responses... someone has to care deeply about their business and reputation if they take the time to read and respond to disgruntled folks (who may or may not be unreasonable trolls)... who knows.

Emily Salcido

I had 5 Star perform a smog check on my car. They did a good job. The car was ready when promised and Scott was a pleasure to deal with. I’d use them again for this service and consider them for other auto maintenance tasks.

Sandide F.

When you contact 5 Star Auto Service, the first person you usually encounter is a gentleman name Scott, who is a charming and efficient representative of 5 Star Auto Service. He is really a Gentleman, patient, and automotively skilled to answer most questions asked of him, and the wonderful thing is, he actually takes time to answer your questions. Something most places seldom do, but instead they just want you to bring your car in and wait to be informed. If you're a woman, other places tend to patronize you, but not Scott. He listens! Moreover, the facility is clean and well lit, even in the repair area. I'm sure he treats everyone equally because I am an elderly Black woman, and I was treated wonderfully. I was so impressed that I brought in my second vehicle to be serviced. I only really want to give 4.5 stars because I haven't had enough time to reap the full results, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed because Scott assured me, if I have a problem to just bring the my vehicle back in as they guarantee their work. This is a place where women are treated well. Sandra M Farmer Half Moon Bay

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